Website for Holistic Wellness Industry


CONTRIBUTIONS: Brand strategy, content creation, copywriting, copyediting, Squarespace website design, SquareUp shop development and integration

The story

Holistic wellness expert Pat Molter was frustrated with her years-out-of-date website for Alive ‘n Vibrant, the superfoods company she founded. When Pat received a grant to redo the site, she approached me about developing it around her personal wellness brand, not just the Alive ‘n Vibrant branch.

I worked with Pat to craft her story and identify her most important messages, as well as refine her target customer and develop free consulting sessions as a lead-generation tool. Then I built her website on Squarespace and handled all the copywriting and editing, as well as developing a SquareUp shop that allows her to now sell her products online from the same portal she uses to sell them in person.

The result

Pat now has a streamlined brand and sales tools to simplify her business. Already she is receiving increased sales from clients who have not previously purchased from her.


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