Website for Special Education Consultant


CONTRIBUTIONS: Brand strategy, brand message design, website design and development, copywriting, project management, art direction 

The story

When educational consultant Jean Roberts Guequierre wanted to launch her own special education consultancy, she knew she needed help getting to the heart of her story. I sifted through hours of Jean’s valuable industry insights, personal story, and writings to help her identify her brand’s core emotional value: as a safe haven of trust for parents of children with special needs, navigating a deeply unsettling and fearful time of life.


Ultimately, Jean’s own story as a parent of a child with special needs drove our brand decisions. We wanted her story to serve as the centerpiece of her brand: the foundation on which she could ask for—and offer—that safe haven of trust to other parents.

After crafting the core message and story, I wrote warm and resonant yet professional web copy for Jean, which then served as a North Star for a clean, simple website. The site featured a logo design and soft photography by other professionals that further positioned her as a sympathetic yet knowledgeable companion to families.

I designed, built, and project-managed the website and outside partners to completion.

The results

Not only was Jean thrilled with her new website, but she very shortly afterward landed an incredibly valuable full-time contract for her business, partnering with a prestigious local institution to serve the exact families she wanted to help.


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