Lead Nurturing Digital Book

Contributions: Total project design and execution, from ideation and content structure to copywriting and social media promotion

The Story:

When I launched my coaching programs for women who identify as frustrated visionaries, I knew I wanted to nurture my leads with a first-class content offering. So I decided to write the book I wish someone had written for me when I was struggling with procrastination several years ago.

I called it YOUR WAIT IS OVER: A Woman’s Guide to Ending Cycles of Fear, Procrastination and Disappointment.

The book is based on “Big Dream Bootcamp,” a mini-course I had previously created and on which I had received rave reviews. I packed this 200+ page resource with my best insights on overcoming internal success obstacles. I also included links to online video workshops, blog posts and additional content.

When finished, the book had a soft launch on social media and was given away as part of a large email list-building push in January 2020. I will continue to give the book away as a free gift on my website until it goes up for sale on Amazon later this year.

The Results

When the book launched, it drastically increased my email list opt-in rate. In fact, I saw a 300% increase in my email list because so many women told me the title and subtitle spoke directly to their needs! A number of those women have since become clients in my private and group programs—meaning that the book has had a direct positive effect on the bottom line of my business.

Read more about the book on my website.

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