Event Storytelling for Tech Industry


CONTRIBUTIONS: Event concept, brand message strategy, brand storytelling, creative ideation, narrative development, creative direction, comic book writing, comic book editing, comic book publication, live event activation

The story

As brand strategist at Flipeleven Creative, I helped concept, pitch and sell “FLYING CAR,” an innovation festival intended to bring TED-style education, plus a world-class innovation exhibition, to our city. Once the event was in production, I was asked to collaborate with two other artist-storytellers to develop a “hero character” to brand and promote the event to families. We then developed a comic book about our hero character’s adventures, inspired by “futuristic” 1950s aesthetic and culture.

The resulting comic ran in the local Milwaukee Business Journal and was included as part of giveaways promoting the event. At the live event itself, we sourced and booked talent to portray our hero Victoria Sharp and retrofitted an antique car with wings—a throwback to the event logo—to represent Victoria’s flying car in the story. The tableau was available for photo opps to attendees of FLYING CAR’s opening night gala.

The result

FLYING CAR differentiated its brand with a whimsical, family-friendly vibe and unique event mythology attractive to the general public, while still maintaining its position as a serious exhibition of technological innovation.


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